Untitled digital photograph, 2012

This was taken on Kingsway, London, UK.

In the early eighties, like a lot of people my age, I was a regular listener to the John Peel show. For those unfamiliar with Peel, the show was broadcast in the late evening/ night on Radio 1 in the UK. Peel played an eclectic mix of music that was often not on the commercial radar (and got little or no airplay in the daytime). Loads of now popular/ successful UK bands debuted on his show. And for many of them their first appearance was in the form of a specially recorded session.

According to Ken Garner’s exhaustive (and fascinating), book on the subject, The Peel Sessions, the track Down The Final Flight by the band The Very Things was first broadcast on the 9th January 1984. As I did some nights, I recorded the whole show on a and played it for weeks afterwards. I became obsessed with Down The Final Flight. Even the band’s excrutiating play-acting in a terrible faux-gothic video for one of their other tunes, The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes could not put me off. There was something about the track’s doominess and the time of night it was played that really worked for me. I haven’t heard the song since 1984, so by way of a “live” experiment, I’m going to seek the track out online and give it a listen. Back soon…

Hmm, tribal drums, hectic bass playing, driving, doomy chords and spoken lyrics (in an English regional accent) – I can see the appeal to the teenage me. If I’m still around, I’ll definitely give it another listen in 2040.