Gett Off, 2012

7, 2012

U Got The Look, 2012

Diamonds and Pearls, 2012

New Position, 2012

These were taken in the last couple of weeks in Central London, UK. I nearly got run over taking Gett Off, 2012. I’ve been run over three times – twice in London, because I didn’t look both ways before crossing the road. The other time, I’d made a big piece of art that I needed to get to sixth-form college, so I asked my mum to give me a lift. It was pretty unusual for her to drive me to college, but she agreed. We parked opposite a bus stop, where a crowd I knew had just got off the bus. I’d just got the art work out of the car and was waving to my friends, when my mum backed up and ran me over…

If you’re wondering why all these pictures are named after Prince songs, the answer can be found in my previous post. But in short, this week’s posts are under the influence of this article.