The Illustrated Man (for and of Leon Hart), 2012

One of the things I love about running this blog is how much it forces me to come into contact with people. I had it in my head that I would do a post for The Illustrated Man – not exactly a stretch finding someone with a decent set of tattoos. By chance I ran into Leon Hart, who very generously let me take his picture and agreed to me publishing it here. As is customary for me now, I gave Leon my card and he later got in touch. And here is the killer: Leon is an exceptional painter and artist. His work’s great and you can see a selection of it here: Thanks, Leon.

The Illustrated Man was (gasp!) not a novel, but a collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury. Another self-imposed rule broken. Although, the book does have a framing device – a man whose body is covered with tattoos which are animated and relate the eighteen stories in the book. It was published in 1951. A film adaptation was released in 1969, starring Rod Steiger* Great film.

* * *

For the time being I’m  naming my posts and photographs after Science Fiction novels (and on this occasion short story collections).

As always thanks to John Pindar and Deanne who set this whole titling thing in motion. And to my collaborator and all-round cool dude, Richard over at CK Ponderings, who was naming his photographs after Pet Shop Boys songs, but has just finished that and has compiled a playlist of great merit. Also, if you’re interested in learning a little more about J.G. Ballard, whose Concrete Island I used as my first title Bill Chance has written a great review of The Collected Short Stories here.

*and his dead tiger, Viz fans.