Under The Skin, 2012

Under The Skin is Michel Faber’s first novel. It was published in 2000. Faber is not primarily an SF writer, but this is an interesting spin on the genre . It concerns Isserley, an alien sent to Earth by a rich corporation to find human livestock for fattening (human flesh being a delicacy on her homeworld). This she does by picking up unwary hitchhikers, drugging them senseless and delivering them to a sort of human battery farm. Sounds hideous doesn’t it, but it’s beautifully written and raises lots of interesting questions about intensive farming, human-animal relations, and identity.

I’ve read everything Faber’s written with the exception of his most famous book, The Scarlet Petal and The White (it’s literally too heavy to read in bed, and that’s the paperback).

* * *

For the time being I’m  naming my posts and photographs after Science Fiction novels.

As always thanks to John Pindar and Deanne who set this whole titling thing in motion.