Signal To Noise, 2012

Signal To Noise is a short story by Alastair Reynolds. It was published in 2006, as part of Zima Blue and Other Stories. It’s atypical of his writing in general in that it is set partly in a parallel world in roughly the present day. It’s a good read, but I prefer his space opera, for which he has rightly won many plaudits. I’ve been trying to work in a title from his Revelation Space series, but they’re tricky blighters to pin down. The series manages to be simultaneously very human and terrifically vast in scale, and features massive space-ships, cyborgs who are sniffy about travellers without “enhancements”, people who spend their whole lives sealed in moveable boxes, and some interesting spins on the psychological and emotional effects of space travel. Plus a universal steriliser that looks like a trumpet. I wish he’d written more…

* * *

For the next few days I will be naming my posts and photographs after Science Fiction novels.

As always thanks to John Pindar and Deanne who set this whole titling thing in motion. And to my collaborator and all-round cool dude, Richard over at CK Ponderings, who is naming his photographs after Dr. Who serials – some great work over there already.

I also highly recommend Theodora Brack’s blog, People, Places and Bling, and Cheryl Moore’s Unbound Boxes Limping Gods.