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Since 5th May 2012 I have been regularly walking up to strangers and asking them if I can take their photograph. I’m drawn to the stylish and the interesting and all of the people featured here are one or the other or both. I’m extremely grateful to all of them for letting me take their photograph – Londoners (temporary or permanent) are a really cool bunch.

When I started out I continually forgot to ask the person their name (it was the nerves). I’m getting better at remembering now, but there are still occasions when I get caught up in the moment and forget, and I can only apologise to those people I didn’t ask.

Most of the shots here have appeared in previous posts (apologies to my regular visitors), but I’ve tried to round up some previously unpublished to spice the montage up a bit. Thanks to Deanne and Seascapesaus for encouraging me to do this.