The Cathedral, 2012

Franz Kupka completed his oil painting, The Cathedral, in 1913. In his History of Abstract Painting, Jean-Luc Daval has this to say about Kupka’s work: “[In the early 1910s], the Czech painter Kupka was similarly pre0ccupied with the intrinsic nature of colour. Progressively liberating it from form, he arrived eventually at a “subjectless” painting. His starting point was purely naturalistic, but as he decomposed the image, reducing it step by step to coloured planes and rhythms, in which figurative references were dispersed in a dialogue of colour and pure form, so at last, without concious intention to do so, he found himself liberated of the concerns of representation.”

There’s a rather nice reproduction of Kupka’s painting here.

* * *

I’m doing a few posts (and photographs), with titles taken from Jean-Luc Daval’s History of Abstract Painting.

As usual, thanks to John Pindar and Deanne who set this whole titling thing in motion. And to my collaborator Richard over at CK Ponderings with whom I have completed eight collaborations. The latest can be seen on Richard’s blog.