This is the ninth collaboration between Richard from CK Ponderings and I and for this one the theme was Aftermath. There were no other restrictions…

Richard Cooper-Knight:


It was Richard’s turn to set the theme this time around, and I really struggled with it! I had a handful of ideas, but couldn’t really get any of them to work. As it happens, it was an unplanned image that came through in the end.

Taken outside a local church, my eye was initially caught by the discarded lid of a box of confetti. I took a couple shots – both of which had blown beyond repair when I came to process them – and then the confetti itself caught my eye. I could say that it was the sadness of the passed moment that drew me, but, in fact, if was the colour of the pieces of paper against the grey tarmac and green weeds.

It’s interesting to think that, while the happy couple has gone on to their new life, and their families and friends have gone on to the reception, these shreds of paper are what is left behind.

Richard Guest:

Aftermath, 2012

This time around, I struggled most with setting the brief. The word aftermath kept popping into my head, so in the end I went with that. I knew I wanted to deal with the aftermath of a small event, and desperately needed a haircut. So I combined want and need and headed off to the barbers. I’d spotted a sign for a new place locally, so I thought I’d give them a spin and try to explain the project at the same time. They were really very nice about it and allowed me to take quite a few shots. I’m quite pleased with this one (and with the cut too!)