Stone Junction (I), 2012

Stone Junction (II), 2012

Stone Junction (III), 2012

Stone Junction (IV), 2012

Stone Junction (V), 2012

These were taken in various locations in Central London, UK.

Stone Junction – an alchemical pot-boiler is a novel by Jim Dodge. It was published in 1990.

Ah, Jim Dodge! American author of Fup and Not Fade Away (they’re both great too). He used to live in a self-sufficient commune in Sonoma County, California. And his books are rip-snorting, action-packed reads with a heart.

This is from the back of my copy: “Sixteen-year-old Annalee Pearce is pregnant and has been placed in a corrective centre run by nuns for refusing to co-operate with the authorities. She rebels against the oppressive regime, breaks the sister’s jaw with a ’roundhouse right’, and when her son Daniel is born she wraps him in a blanket and escapes into the rain. Once on the road, mother and son hitch a lift with ‘Smiling’ Jack Ebbets and are soon introduced to the nomadic life of modern-day outlaws where they are recruited into the mysterious circles of the secretive underground organisation known as AMO (the Alliance of Magicians and Outlaws). A series of apprenticeships teaches Daniel meditation, safe cracking, poker and the art of becoming invisible.”

Here’s the first paragraph:

Daniel Pearse was born on the rainy dawn of March 15, 1966. He didn’t receive a middle name because his mother, Annalee Faro Pearse, was exhausted from coming up with the first and last – especially the last. As near as she could figure, Daniel’s father might have been any of seven men. Annalee decided on Daniel because it sounded strong, and she knew he’d need to be strong.

In our house, the book can be found: sitting room, left-hand bookshelves, fourth shelf down.

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This post is dedicated to Richard who blogs at CK Ponderings. He’s also a super-cool collaborator.