This is the thirteenth collaboration between Richard from CK Ponderings and I. This time, it was down to me to set the theme, and I chose Electricity. Hope you like the results…

Richard Cooper-Knight:

Electricity, 2012

Richard’s turn for a theme this time around, and the title Electricity sparked off a number of ideas (I apologise; I couldn’t resist that one… Puns over, I promise…)

The weather kept me indoors and, not being brilliant at dark shooting, I needed something with a good contrast to show up readily in the image. I had a go at using an extension lead to create a word, but my patience ran out quickly when it didn’t do what I wanted it to, and when both the lead and my camera nearly ended up out of the window, I called it a day on that front…

In the end, I settled for the plug from my phone charger and, after toying with a light background, the dark shiny cover of my printer proved useful.

Comments and suggestions warmly welcomed on this post, though highly charged ones are not. (Sorry… couldn’t help myself…)

Richard Guest:

Electricity, 2012

For our thirteenth collaboration, I decided on Electricity as a theme, because I thought it would act as a spur to me to make an energetic, spiky, zappy image. Interestingly it had the opposite effect (I rejected a few street shots, because they looked like I was trying to make some kind of point). This is a light fitting in an office building.

Here’s a track by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band from their 1967 album Safe As Milk entitled Electricity. The album’s great – it treads a fine line between experimentation and classic song structure and a young Ry Cooder plays guitar and arranges two songs. But the Captain’s voice is the thing!