Street Portrait (for and of Tim AKA Flame Proof Moth), 2012

OK, eagle-eyed readers will have noticed there’s something slightly awry here – sure, it’s a portrait, but where’s the street?

We heard Tim before we saw him – he was singing a brilliant song about how women should be in charge (including banning men from the boardroom and installing women and children in their place). The guitar-playing was dexterous and heartfelt and the whole thing was issuing from a small practice amp on one of the mudflats on the South bank of the Thames. And then I saw him! No need to say anything further (Astonishingly, he says he’s looking for a stylist!), except thanks Tim for letting me take shot after shot and then allowing me to take your portrait. Hope you like it.

Street Portrait (for and of Tim AKA Flame Proof Moth) Take 2, 2012