Unhalfbricking, 2012

This was taken on The Strand, London, UK.

Unhalfbricking  is the second album by Fairport Convention. It was released in 1969. The album marked a move away from American influences, (although there are a couple of Bob Dylan tunes on here) towards English folk. No, wait, come back!

I came very late to Fairport Convention (despite having heard quite a lot of them at art college – thanks Chris Hunter! I came round in the end). But this album, What We Did On Our Holidays, and Liege & Lief  are now firm favourites in TFIPM Towers. Unhalfbricking features, arguably, Sandy Denny’s finest song, Who Knows Where The Time Goes, and Genesis Hall – what an opener! And it’s got an oblique but great cover. You can read more about the album here.

My reason for using this title with this image is nothing to do with Fairport Convention, but because Unhalfbricking sounds like a slang word used by English motor enthusiasts of a certain stripe. When I was a teenager in suburban Hampshire, there was a small, but significant sub-culture that rode around in Ford Cortinas, wore their hair in mullet cuts and boogied to Status Quo, while sporting denims over leather jackets. I love and miss them. Who knows where the time goes?

In our house, this CD can be found: dining room, right-hand bookshelves, second shelf down.

* * *

Ta John and Deanne and Terry for title shenanigans and Richard at CK Ponderings for being a super-cool collaborator. Check Richard’s blog for some great results from our recent meet-up.