First Frost, 2013

This was taken in Beckenham, UK.

First Frost  is a short story anthology, edited by Charlotte Cole. It was published in 1998.

Contributors include: Charlotte Cole, Angela Carter, Helen Dunmore, Carol Shields, Margaret Atwood, Ali Smith and A.L. Kennedy. A pretty stellar line-up. It’s at this point that I have to admit to not reading it yet, although I’m a big fan of all the above-mentioned writers. Nikki says it’s great, so it’s gone on my list for this year.

Here’s what it says on the back cover: “Friendships growing in long winter evenings, moments of love in a snow-encrusted landscape, the heart-soaring freedom of a clear cold sky…First Frost is an irresistible and evocative collection of stories by some of the best contemporary women writers – a breathtaking winter read.”

And here’s the first paragraph of Helen Dunmore’s Girls on Ice:

Ulli has studied the brackish waters of the Baltic in high-school science. She remember field trips when she had to sample and test sea water before reading up on experiments which reported the leaching of DDT from the shores of our great neighbour into the tissues of the Baltic herring. Our great neighbour. That was what they called the Soviet Union then. Ironic, derisive. That was the way to survive. There are no national borders as far as pollution is concerned, their teacher had emphasised. They should arm themselves with information. It was their future.

In our house, this book can be found: dining room, left-hand bookshelves, second shelf down.

* * *

Thanks to the usual suspects (John, Deanne and Terry) for title shenanigans and Richard at CK Ponderings for being a super-cool collaborator. Our next collaboration will be posted on Richard’s blog on Sunday.