Cuckooland, 2013

Cuckooland, 2013

This was taken on Kingsway, London, UK.

Cuckooland  is an album by Robert Wyatt. It was released in 2003.
It was my first step into the world of Robert Wyatt and what a wonderful surprise. He is possessed of one of the most achingly, beautifully sad voices. He used to be in Soft Machine, and then Matching Mole, but I think I prefer him as a solo artist and he seems to get better with each new album.

Robert Wyatt is another artist who divides opinion, so I won’t go on…here’s the fourth track from the album, Forest.

In our house, this CD can be found: dining room, right-hand bookshelves, third shelf down.

* * *

Thanks to the usual suspects (John, Deanne and Terry) for title shenanigans and Richard at CK Ponderings for being a super-cool collaborator. Our latest collaboration was posted on Richard’s blog last Sunday. Check it out.