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Since 5th May 2012 I have been regularly walking up to strangers and asking them if I can take their photograph. I’m drawn to the stylish and the interesting and all of the people featured here are one or the other or both. I’m extremely grateful to all of them for letting me take their photograph – Londoners (temporary or permanent) remain a really cool bunch. These shots were taken in the Winter 2013.

All of the shots above have appeared in previous posts (apologies to my regular visitors), but I’ve added two new shots below that I didn’t manage to publish in Winter.

Sophie, 2013

This was taken on another freezing day. Sophie was dressed for the weather. Fantastic layering! And what a smile! Thanks very much for letting me take your portrait Sophie! Hope you like it.

Andy, 2013

I spotted Andy outside Charing Cross Station in London, UK and immediately wanted to photograph him. He is pure mod, down to the bowling bag and shoes. Little did I know he would have such a great smile. I salute your fantastic style, Andy! Thanks so much for letting me take your picture! Hope you like it.

All images © Richard Guest 2012