This is the twenty-second collaboration between Richard from CK Ponderings and I. It was Richard’s turn to set the theme. Hope you like the results…

Richard Cooper-Knight:

Darkness, 2013

If I am honest, I struggled a little with the theme this time. My immediate thought was a nighttime light trail, but I’ve done those to death recently, and didn’t want to duplicate an idea I have worked on before. This skull is actually part of a grave plaque in a local church. Not the holiest or most commemorative of sculptures, perhaps, but that’s Victorians for you!

Richard Guest:

Darkness, 2013

I too struggled with the theme and I set it (thinking it would be a breeze – don’t know why I ever think that. That’s it – no more general themes!). This is a tree not far from our house. Inverting the image seemed to emphasise the crazed little growths.

One of my favourite bands, Van der Graaf Generator, have a song called Darkness (11/11) which, thanks to the magic of Youtube, can be seen here.