Lost in the Plot #1, #2, 2013

* * *

Lost In the Plot is a single by the Canadian band, The Dears. It was also the third track on their 2003 album, No Cities Left. When I heard it on the radio the first time it was one of those “what the… was that?” moments. And I bought the album on its release. The last time I played it was yesterday – it’s still a great pop nugget.

* * *

Leon Hart has some of his spellbinding work in Beauty Never Sleeps, which opens on Wednesday 13th March, 6-8.30pm at the Brick Lane Gallery. The exhibition runs until the 24th March 2013. Visit : The Brick Lane Gallery, 196 Brick Lane, London, E16SA. Other artists in the exhibition include: Bruno Vergauwen, Ian Treherne, Hamilton Ross-Bottomley, Katy Bailey, Linda Gevertz, Jonathan Campenni, Olivia Rose, Richard Lewsey, and Tatiana Abrantes. You can visit Leon’s MySpace page here.