Street Portrait (for and of Al Pillay) #1, 2013

Street Portrait (for and of Al Pillay) #2, 2013

The first thing I noticed was Al’s jacket – a work of art, and then the way he crossed the street. And then I recognised him…

So I was thrilled when he said I could take a few shots. Al represents a moment in time for me. Trapped in the suburbs, he represented for me a rejection of the middle England orthodoxy of the mid to late Eighties. Some of the things he’s done (disco diva, theatre, cabaret, TV and movie star), have stayed with me as conscious/ subconscious touchstones – he embodies a certain kind of rebellion that’s both serious and hilarious.

Al chose the background for the shot, which I think clashes in just the right way with his pose and the jacket.

Thanks very much for letting me take your portrait, Al! Hope you like them.

You can visit Al’s website here. And here’s a snippet from Eat The Rich.

* * *

If you want to see all the street portraits to date in one place, go here: – it’s not very up-to-date I’m afraid.