Han and Inge, 2013

I’ve always wanted to do this…to get this shot, I held up a handwritten sign with Han‘s name on it, like a driver picking someone up from an airport…

It all started with Inge (who you probably know as Olive) leaving a comment on my blog saying she was coming to London. So I suggested we meet up and I take her photograph.

After some confusion with emails (my fault – sorry, Inge, for some reason I thought Han was coming on his own. Hence the sign), we agreed to meet up in Covent Garden. These shots were taken just after we met. And then we went for lunch at Café Eterno on Neal Street (the quietest in the area). It was interesting to meet Inge and Han after having followed their blogs. And really nice to have a chat in person. Afterwards myself, Inge and Han went for a bit of a photographic safari, more of which later…

Thanks for a great afternoon, Inge and Han! Hope you like your pictures.

Inge, 2013

SONY DSCHan, 2013

Just before we left the café, Raymond generously agreed to me taking his portrait – what a great smile! I know it’s not strictly speaking a street portrait, but what the heck. Thanks very much, Raymond! Hope you like your picture.

Raymond, 2013