Street Portrait (for and of Oktay Ertuğrul) #1, 2013

So, I was heading home today, with virtually nothing on my memory card thanks to the persistent rain, when I spotted Oktay. What incredible style! He looked just incredible, so I asked if I could take his picture. Oktay is a big singing star in Turkey. I listened to some of his tracks and was blow away by the richness of the orchestration and the delicacy and suppleness of his voice. Thanks very much for letting me take the shots, Oktay! Hope you like your pictures. And thank you too to Oktay’s companion, who did a great job of translating for us – I’m really sorry I didn’t catch your name.

Street Portrait (for and of Oktay Ertuğrul) #2, 2013

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This post is dedicated to Stephen Dunn! Great lunch!

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And a big shout to Richard, my cool collaborator! Check out our twenty-fifth collaboration. Richard’s posting a raft of wonderful, atmospheric shots of Cuba and its people. Here!

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