Street Portrait #100 (for and of George Skeggs), 2013

Keen-eyed followers of this blog will no doubt recognise George. Not only is he  my hundredth street portrait, but also my seventy-sixth and also the first. For that reason, George is a VIP as far as this blog is concerned. If I hadn’t gone up and asked him for a picture that first time there would have been no series. Which would have been a shame for me, because I’ve really had a lot of fun taking the portraits.

The first time I ran into George, I was so nervous about asking for his picture, I forgot to ask his name. A shameful state of affairs really. It bothered me for a long time. But then I ran into him again. I got to take the shot below, learned his name and discovered he is a great artist (see Street Portrait #76). But in the excitement, forgot to tell him he had been the first street portrait. So I posted the original shot and hoped he would read the post.

It turned out he did. And he said he liked both pictures, and really liked all the nice comments people left. But what really pleased and touched me was that he said he was glad he’d set the whole thing in motion. Massive thanks to you George! Hope you like your picture!

SONY DSCStreet Portrait #76 (for and of George Skeggs), 2013

SONY DSCStreet Portrait #1 (for and of George Skeggs), 2012

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A big shout to Richard, my cool collaborator! Check out our twenty-fifth collaboration. Richard’s posting a raft of wonderful, atmospheric shots of Cuba and its people. Here!

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