Street Portrait (for and of David) #1, 2013

David wasn’t so sure of my motives when I approached him, I don’t think. But he agreed to me taking a few shots. This was the first, and my favourite.  I like it because it’s not clear whether it’s a portrait or a street shot. And, let’s face it, ambiguity is fun! Anyway, I really liked David’s style – it’s difficult to wear a hat well, but he does, and it’s a great suit and tie combination too. Thanks very much for agreeing to the shots, David! Hope you like your pictures.

Street Portrait (for and of David) #2, 2013

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I’ve just taken part in Emily Hughes’ Journey of a Photograph project. You can see the results here.

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A big shout to Richard, my cool collaborator! We’ve got a new collaboration on the way soon. In the meantime, Richard’s posting a raft of wonderful, atmospheric shots of Cuba here!

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Also!! I’ve just opened an Etsy shop called City Stories. You can visit it here or by clicking on the image below…

City Stories Final small white on red proper white