Street Portrait (for and of Diego), 2013

On Wednesday I was heading in the direction of the British Museum, when I spotted Diego. He was the most interesting-looking person I’d seen in what seemed like an age, but he was on the phone. So I followed him. And followed him. And followed him, all the way back to Great Queen Street where I’d started from (and where I took shot #1), then onto Longacre. I’m sure he knew I was tailing him, because occasionally he would stop and look around and for fun I would look the other way. Would his phone call ever end? Just outside a pub – The Freemason’s Arms it did, and I pounced. And he was great about having his portrait taken. Thanks very much, Diego! Hope you like your pictures.

Street Portrait (for and of Diego) #2, 2013

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My home broadband has decided to go on the fritz, so apologies for not keeping up with your blogs. Hopefully see you soon…

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Meanwhile, Richard, my cool collaborator is posting a raft of great, atmospheric shots from a trip to Cuba here!

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