Street Portrait (for and of Deborah), 2013

Hmm, well, my wanderings were particularly aimless today. I set out without an idea of what I was going to do, and mainly just enjoyed the sunshine and the playlist on my mp3 player. With a couple of minutes left to go before I headed back, I spotted Deborah. I was completely bowled over by her look. Another great synthesis of fashion periods. She was understandably wary of having her photograph taken (my hair has gone limp and multi-directional on me, making me look quite strange, which can’t have helped). After I explained it was for a blog, she was great about it. Thanks very much for saying yes, Deborah! Hope you like your picture.

* * *

And in other news, Richard, my super-cool collaborator is posting great, atmospheric shots of Cuba here!

* * *

AND!!! I’ve just opened an Etsy shop called City Stories. You can visit it here or by clicking on the image.

City Stories Final small white on red proper white