Street Portrait (for and of Mickey King), 2013

I was on Museum Street a few weeks ago. The sun was shining and I had my MP3 turned up loud. Mickey was looking in the window of Paul Stolper – a contemporary art gallery. I tried a couple of sneaky street shots, but he kept moving. As he walked past me he apologised for getting in the way of my shot, so I told him he was my shot. After that he was great about letting me take a few portraits. And we got talking about the show that was on in Paul Stolper – Factual Nonsense: The Art and Death of Joshua Compston. I’d had a good look round the previous week. Joshua Compston was an artist and gallerist and an important figure in the scene that produced the Brit Artists in the nineties, (so an important figure in British Art). His stuff was playful and funny and the artists he championed went on to become important artists. It turned out Mickey had known Joshua Compston, had been to the pub with him and produced prints for him. We had a fascinating chat that took in art, artists, real estate and photography. It’s at times like this that I love London. Thanks very much for stopping, Mickey! Hope you like your picture.