Street Portrait (for and of Wilko Johnson), 2013

Walking down Museum Street (again), I zeroed in on a man in sober black clothes. He walked up the street and back down it and I watched him from a distance. He looked both interesting and stylish, so he ticked both my boxes for a good street portrait. So I approached him and in that moment, realised I knew his face from somewhere. Wilko was so nice about me fluffing my first couple of shots and let me take this one, which I like. Thanks very much for stopping, Wilko! Hope you like your picture.

For those of you who don’t know, Wilko Johnson he is a legendary guitarist. He burst into public consciousness as the (lead and rhythm) guitarist for Dr. Feelgood in the 1970s and helped pave the way for Punk (The Clash, Blondie, The Jam and The Ramones have all acknowledged his influence on their music). In 1977 he founded his own Wilko Johnson Band and has been touring ever since. You can read more about Wilko on his site, here’s a clip from Youtube of Dr. Feelgood live in Southend, and finally Wilko Johnson Band live at the Cornbury Festival earlier this year.