SONY DSCStreet Portrait (for and of Daniel), 2013

SONY DSCStreet Portrait (for and of Magda), 2013

For the last week I’ve allowed myself to be lazy in my wanderings and have stuck to the Covent Garden area. I spotted Daniel and Magda eating their lunch under the pillar at the centre of Seven Dials. They were so nice about allowing me to take these shots (there was one of them together, but I fluffed it). And it turned out they were both photographers, so I’m dying to know what they think of these. Thanks very much, Magda and Daniel!

* * *

On the subject of photographers, if you have not visited Leanne Cole’s blog, do yourself a favour and do so. She is brilliant. And in several different photographic genres (and has just posted a really nice profile of TFIPM! Thanks, Leanne!)