Street Portrait (for and of Andrea), 2013

One of the things I really like about taking the street portraits is seeing how a person reacts in front of the camera. I don’t direct people, so it’s always a surprise whether they pose (or not). Andrea had such a great look that I had to ask him for a portrait. And he was really nice about it. The first couple of shots were straight head and shoulders ones, but then, unprompted, he turned his head and I thought this was the way he wanted to be seen. So this is the one I posted. Anyway, thanks very much, Andrea! Hope you like your picture.

* * *

Billimarie at Typewriter Poetry is running a collaborative writing project. Anyone can get involved. If you have ever wanted to write a line of poetry, I strongly urge you to lend your talents to this project! Head over to her blog for more details.

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A Big shout to collaborator and all round cool dude, Richard, who is currently posting shots of wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen!