Street Portrait (for and of Hiro), 2014– Street Portrait (for and of Hiro), 2014 –

It was a funny day. The camera and I were not getting on as we usually do – I was ham-fisted, impatient and unfairly demanding. The camera was sulky, awkward and unfocussed. We had both pretty much thrown in the towel, when I spotted Hiro. I loved the way he was dressed and he was great about letting me take his photograph. What I did wrong I don’t know. The first two shots of Hiro were perfectly in focus. This is the third – it’s a bit “off”. Technically, it’s wrong, but it’s so much righter than the previous two shots – I think the softness lends the shot a bit of warmth and life. Anyway, thanks very much for stopping, Hiro! Hope you like your picture.

A few yards after leaving Hiro, I discovered the reason for the softness of the shot and corrected it. Minutes later, I found myself staring at Hiro’s name…

Hiro, 2014– Hiro, 2014 –

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