Street Portrait (for and of Chris), 2014

– Street Portrait (for and of Chris), 2014 –

This was taken in the entrance to St. Giles In The Fields, a church I’ve passed a lot in the last twenty-nine years. Until yesterday I had never stepped inside. I was just leaving Denmark Street (more of which in an upcoming post), when I spotted some people in interesting hats going into the church. Chris and I passed each other in the church doorway. There was some kind of activity going on inside, which I watched for awhile before realising I’d passed up a fantastic portrait opportunity with Chris. So, I went back outside and there was Chris. Thanks so much for agreeing to a few shots, Chris! Hope you like your pictures.


Chris won’t see this post tonight, because he and Wet Paint Theatre are staging a play called Hound at St. Giles In The Fields. Here are the details:

Hound (Visions in the life  of the poet Francis Thompson)

A play by Chris Ward

Beginning in 1887, the play charts the timeless life of the vagrant Victorian poet, Francis Thompson from living rough on the streets of Whitechapel, his battle with his religious faith, sexuality and opium addiction, his adoption by the Bohemian philanthropic couple the Meynells, and finally culminating in his tragic early death.

Wet Paint Theatre/ Films present an extraordinary spectacle of visionary images both verbal and visual in Chris Ward’s uniquely hallucinatory, poetic interpretation of Francis Thompson’s beautiful and tortured mind and soul.

St. Giles In The Fields, 60 St. Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8LG, Thurs May 1st, Fri May 2nd, Sat May 3rd, At 8:00pm.

St. Olav’s Church, 8 Hart Street, London, EC3R 7NB, Thurs May 8th, Fri May 9th, Sat May 10th, At 8:00pm.

All tickets £15 (£12 concessions)

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If you are at all interested in self-portraits, I strongly recommend you visit Strata of the Self.

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