Street Portrait (for and of David), 2014– Street Portrait (for and of David), 2014 –

On Wednesday, David Cook and I visited Julian Schnabel: Every Angel has a Dark Side at Dairy. The exhibition collects paintings made in the last fourteen years. The space is amazing – vast and white and, as David and I remarked, everything we dreamed of in the late Eighties. At the time, in London, there was nowhere like this. The paintings are arranged in non-chronological order – the change in subject and approach from painting to painting keeps the experience fresh. There are a few self-portraits, several abstracts, some bearing text and paintings of others (including two for Bez, the dancer with Happy Mondays). My favourite was I Always Thought of Myself as Taller, 2002 – a painting apparently based on a near miss with a car boot and Lou Reed’s head (Lou was Julian’s next-door-neighbour). But I’m going to go back…you can read more about the show here.

In the past, I’ve had problems taking portraits of friends. But, David was very easy to photograph. I’ve known David since 1986. We were at art school together in the nineteen-eighties. He’s an artist and runs a great blog about art in London here. Thanks very much, David! And for a great visit. Hope you like your pictures.

Street Portrait (for and of David) #2, 2014– Street Portrait (for and of David) #2, 2014 –

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If you are at all interested in self-portraits, I strongly recommend you visit Strata of the Self.

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