Street Portrait (for and of Tziporah Salamon, 2014– Street Portrait (for and of Tziporah Salamon), 2014 –

There was a brief break in the rain the other day, so I dashed out. At the end of Shorts Gardens is an art gallery called the Hospital Club and this is where I saw Tziporah. She and a friend were getting out of a cab. I couldn’t believe how amazingly stylish she was. And not only that, she was lovely and agreed to a few shots. This is the second and my favourite. Thanks so much for stopping, Tziporah! Hope you like your picture.

Tziporah Salamon is a stylist, performance artist, model and legendary style icon. I strongly recommend you check out her website here.

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If you are at all interested in self-portraits, I strongly recommend you visit Strata of the Self.

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