Street Portrait (for and of Andy) #2, 2014– Street Portrait (for and of Andy), 2014 –

We seem to have done away with seasons in this country – we can do wet and dull and that’s about it. It’s a serious cramp on the taking of street portraits – there are fewer people about and those that are sensibly sport rainproof attire. So, it was brilliant to spot Andy. And he was great about having his photograph taken (over and over again). These are my favourites. When I opened the files tonight to fine tune them, I realised Andy and I have crossed paths before. Andy was the third person I approached to request a street portrait, way back in May 2012, in the days when I was so flustered by the process that I forgot to ask people’s names. Thanks very much, Andy! Hope you like your pictures.

Street Portrait (for and of Andy), 2014– Street Portrait (for and of Andy) #2, 2014 –

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If you are interested in self-portraits, I recommend you visit Strata of the Self. It’s beautiful.

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