Street Portrait (for and of Gilbert), 2014– Street Portrait (for and of Gilbert), 2014 –

Street Portrait (for and of George), 2014-Street Portrait (for and of George), 2014

There are days when, photographically, everything seems to go right. I’d just set foot on Great Queen Street when I spotted Gilbert & George on the other side of the road, sporting these very fetching caps. So I legged it over and asked for a portrait. Gilbert did most of the talking. But they were both really nice about me taking a few shots. I fluffed the first couple, partly from being a little rusty and partly because, as an art student, I owned very few monographs, and one of them was The Art of Gilbert & George (Thames & Hudson, 1989). That sounds a little odd, but familiarity with their work made them important to my understanding of modern art (- I knew their story (as told by Wolf Jahn), which was fascinating and their work, which simultaneously reflected the world around them, and remade it).  It was odd to momentarily step into their world, having only experienced it as a book and a load of exhibitions. Anyway, thanks very much for stopping, Gilbert & George! Hope you like your pictures.

* * *