Still Life With Shovel, 2014– Still Life With Shovel, 2014 –

Originally, my intention was to post another street portrait today, but I don’t have any so instead you have a picture of a shovel. It caught my eye and I spent a minute or two taking shots of the back of a road mender’s truck. When I looked up I noticed the owner of the shovel looking at me quizzically. I thought I’d better explain myself, so I sidled over and told him I was a street photographer. “And you wanted to photograph that?” he said with a shake of the head. “I like the shapes and the colour,” I said. Suddenly, I felt like a tourist. I wish I’d asked his name.


If you want to see some great street portraits, check out Cardinal Guzman’s blog. If you are interested in self-portraits, I recommend you visit Strata of the Self. It’s beautiful.