Street Portrait (for and of Daisuke), 2014– Street Portrait (for and of Daisuke), 2014 –

Street Portrait (for and of Wendy), 2014-Street Portrait (for and of Wendy), 2014

So, at the end of a long, meandering walk that took in a lot of streets, but with very few photographs to show for it, I turned onto Shorts Gardens. And almost walked into the best looking couple of people I’d seen all day. They were deep in conversation, so I crossed the street and waited for signs that they were about to part. I misjudged it of course, but Wendy and Daisuke were really nice about me taking their pictures. These are the first (Wendy) and last (Daisuke) shots and my favourites.Thanks very much for letting me take your photographs, Wendy and Daisuke! Hope you like your pictures.

It turned out Wendy and Daisuke are exhibiting a sculpture – The Love Bomb – in Atomica (a very hip gallery at 29 Shorts Gardens). You can read about The Love Bomb here. I tried to photograph it, but couldn’t get the right angle on it, so here is a detail:

The Love Bomb, 2014The Love Bomb (detail)

by Wendy Meakin and Daisuke Sakaguchi

It’s a lovely object and I strongly urge you to see it in the flesh. Here are Wendy and Daisuke with the Love Bomb:

The Love Bomb, 2014Wendy, Daisuke and The Love Bomb inside Atomica Gallery

* * *