31 March 2015

– 31 March, 2015 –

This takes its title from the day it was completed. I started working on it 27th February and continued every day until the 31st March 2015. Once part III was roughly how I wanted it to be I started work on Part I. Once that part was most of the way there, I started on II and then worked on all three parts simultaneously. All three images have a bit of me in there somewhere.


31 March 2015 II

31 March 2015 IIII

31 March 2015 IIIIII

* * *

Ashley Lily Scarlett and I have started a new blog called Between Scarlett and Guest. It’s a dialogue in pictures. You can read/ eavesdrop on the conversation here.


To read about my visit with David Cook to the recent Richard Serra exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery, click here.