Street Portrait (for and of Marcela), 2015– Street Portrait (for and of Marcela), 2015 –

Marcela was on the phone when I spotted her. I waited for her to finish her call then went to ask her for a shot, but by the time I reached her she was on the phone again. So I hung around unconvincingly “scoping” the street under a spindly tree. Eventually I tried again, but I’m seriously out of shape and she was back on the phone before I could ask her for a shot.  The third time lucky. Marcela was great about me taking a few shots. This was the fourth and final and is my favourite. Thanks very much, Marcela! Hope you like your picture.

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On weekdays I work within a mile’s radius of Kingsway. There was a pavement fire on Kingsway the Wednesday before the Easter weekend. Some electrical cabling caught fire and threatened at one point to ignite the gas main. Roads and pavements have been closed for over a week, so places I would normally saunter down are suddenly inaccessible. I feel strangely photographically marooned. Here’s a shot of the fire starting up. It would eventually spout tall flames from another grill further down the street.

Holborn Fire, 2015* * *

 Ashley Lily Scarlett and I have started a new blog together. It’s a conversation in pictures and it’s called Between Scarlett and Guest.

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