30th June 2015 (sketch), 2015– 30th June 2015 (sketch), 2015 –

Keen observers of TFIPM will have noticed that posts are usually made three times a week on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Today I’m unable to publish a finished picture (very disorganised/ couldn’t decide on a single image etc), so you are getting TFIPM’s first work in progress post.

The image above is constructed entirely from shots taken on the 30th June 2015 in Central London. At the moment, I’m unsure about the central image. Right up until I started writing this post, it had the title, The Joy of Conservatism, 2015. But, I’m dithering about that too.

Here are a couple of early iterations…

30th June 2015 (sketch) Early Version #1

Two identifiable elements here are a builder’s sheet (the big blue blob at centre), and a billboard image (clouds).

30th June 2015 (sketch) Early Version #2Sadly, I came across a decapitated bird. The image in the top left corner is of a makeshift shelter made from a boarded up gap between two abandoned buildings.


Ashley Lily Scarlett and I have started a new blog called Between Scarlett and Guest. It’s a dialogue in pictures. You can read/ eavesdrop on the conversation here.