Untitled (Mutie #1), 2015

Untitled (Mutie #1), 2015, acrylic on paper, digital manipulation


During my break, (and as a result of working with Barry Comer (our project can be viewed here) and Dan Parnell (a post about our collaboration is coming soon) I began to wonder what it would be like doing my thing with one of my own paintings as a starting point. The answer is: very different from working with another person (and the anonymous others whose markings I photograph around London and use in my regular digital constructs).

While I like certain aspects of working this way, there’s a slight feeling of airlessness and claustrophobia about it (and I think I went for a wilder composition as a result). It’s kind of like when a recording artist plays every instrument on their latest album. Paul McCartney has done this, as has Prince, and most of Peter Hammill’s albums are made this way. Sometimes it works spectacularly, but on other occassions there’s something a little too “regular” or realised about a track. A fine line…I’m going to make some more.


This post is named after the track Gog on Peter Hammill’s 1974 album, In Camera. It was his first to be almost entirely played by himself. Drumming is by the great Guy Evans. Backing vocals on one track by the great Chris Judge Smith.


Ashley Lily Scarlett and I have started a blog called Between Scarlett and Guest. It’s a dialogue in pictures. You can read/ eavesdrop on the conversation here.