After The Flood, 2015– After The Flood, 2015 –

On 20th December 2014, Ashley Lily Scarlett and I started a conversation in pictures called Between Scarlett and Guest. Ashley is based in Sydney, Australia and I’m in Beckenham, UK – we have never met (although we nearly did once). But we trade pictures on an almost dailyy basis. After The Flood has not appeared in BSAG yet, (but it’s only a matter of time). Below is my side of the conversation from 27th August to 19th September 2015. It incorporates archive images and those taken specifically in answer to one of Ashley’s shots.

You can start “reading” Between Scarlett and Guest from any point (and read backwards or forwards) and it should still make some kind of sense.

* * *

After The Flood is the sixth and final track on Van der Graaf Generator’s 1970 album, The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other. You can listen to it here.