And here’s Dan’s version of events…


Collaboration #1: Fin

Starting Point:


Three photos from Richard Guest which share no common pictorial link, so I had to find a sequence in which they could work together to convey some kind of narrative.

From this I re-collaged the photographs using the natural lines of the photos to create a more dynamic structure – resembling something that John Baldessari might have composed. The secondary purpose was to create a better space to improvise within.


I inverted the image and using bleach experimented with randomly breaking up the space using drip, squeegee and brush techniques. This would obliterate some of the figurative parts of the image: creating white space to work within and knew it would also create some new reds, oranges and yellows.


First painted layer:

Problematic – although I tried to curb the effect of wet wrinkling by spray-mounting the piece to foam board it’s evident that the…

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