Street Portrait (for and of Dominic Andrew Davids), 2015– Street Portrait (for and of Dominic Andrew Davids), 2015 –

I was taking some shots on Shelton Street in London, UK, when Dominic struck up a conversation about cameras. He is a photographer and I grabbed the chance to take a shot of him (well, three) – this is the first and is my favourite. It was great meeting you Dominic and thanks for letting me take your portrait. Hope you like it.

* * *

Just recently I’ve been engaged in a lot of collaborative activity:

David Cook and I have had a conversation about Joseph Cornell. The first part can be read here.

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Barry Comer and I altered each other’s self-portraits here.


Ashley Lily Scarlett and I are engaged in a conversation in pictures and it’s called Between Scarlett and Guest. Check it out.

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