Psst! (Black), 2017

Psst! (Black), 2017
Acrylic and watercolour pencil on canvas
80 x 80 cm

Another of my Psst! paintings. Working on this prompted me to explore a predominantly monochrome palette, which I’m still doing…more soon.

Ashley Lily Scarlett and I are engaged in a conversation in pictures called Between Scarlett and Guest. Check it out.

* * *

And David Cook and I are reviewing each other’s record collections one disc at at time (very slowly). Check out Zzzounds!

* * *

David and I have also just completed an online conversation about Jasper Johns and you can find all three parts at

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  1. This is really great, Richard– I really like your new work, and it’s good to know that you are still out there capturing / detailing visions like this… Hope all is well!

  2. Lemony says:

    Wow, fascinating, Richard! I’m enjoying looking and looking and allowing my brain to see and see. Each time I go back into it, I am drawn to something different in the lines, tones, and shapes. Fantastic!

  3. steviegill says:

    Nice, the monochrome works well. Seems to place more focus on the shapes and textures.

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