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It’s been a while, but last Friday I went out with the intention of taking some photographs in the street and dropping in on Tate Modern.

Whilst I’m always on the lookout for a potential portrait, most of my time is spent collecting images of splats, scuffs, drips and abandoned carrier bags to form the basis of a digital construct.

The following were all taken last Friday…

Solid fuel tank?
The Millenium Bridge from outside Tate Modern
Ocado waste

In Tate Modern, I decided to concentrate on paintings in the main displays. I’ve been familiar with The Three Dancers by Picasso for decades, but I’ve never really looked at the surface of the painting close up.

I found this area:

fascinating. I guess I’ve always thought of Picasso paintings springing into the world fully-formed, but he obviously had problems resolving this patch…

This was my first time seeing White Plane White, 1974 by Bram Bogart as well, but I’m glad I did…

White Plane White, 1974 by Bram Bogart

In one of the rooms housing a large sculpture, I found the following stain. It must have been quite a hardcore chemical to have bleached the stone floor like this. Anyway, I love it…

Sulba (I think)

The stain’s got me thinking…


To see more of my paintings, street portraits and digital constructs, please visit my website: or my Instagram account:

Hello all, for those of you that don’t know, I’ve opened an Instagram account, which I use to post works in progress and highlights from my street portrait project. The latest addition is Ally from 2013. Thanks Ally!

The account is: @richardguest9440

Street Portrait (for and of Ally), 2013
Street Portrait (for and of Ally), 2013

A few more recent entries…

Untitled sketchbook pages, 2018
Untitled sketchbook pages, 2018
Travel Arrangements


My Etsy shop,  is open, where you can find greetings cards and prints.

In the process of backing up a load of files, I found this run of images. These are the working “drawings” for my painting December. They are in chronological order so you can see how the image developed over time (a month or so?).

All the photographic elements are things I found in the street or in shop windows. Who is that masked man? It’s a process of accretion and deletion…What to keep and what to throw away?

And here is the final painting…


December, acrylic paint and watercolour pencil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm, 2018


To see more of my paintings, street portraits and digital constructs, please visit my website:

Painting in progress, plus plant

Work in progress (That’s How We Do Things #2) with plant

That’s How We Do Things #2 is one of two paintings I’m working on at the moment. This one is 80 x 80 cm. The other is 90 x 90 cm and I’m feeling the difference in scale in terms of the marks I feel I can make. Both paintings are acrylic paint and watercolour pencil on canvas and are based on digital constructs.

Also in the works: a series of hastily assembled limited edition books collecting sketches, photos, and writing…more info soon…

Sketchbook (book ideas)

Sketchbook (book ideas)

And a new online conversation with David Cook is on the way…we’ve been to visit a couple of new exhibitions…

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If you are interested in my work, I’m an active member of the Ello community (fantastically vibrant artist’s social media platform), and post regularly on Instagram. For an overview (and to buy a limited number of prints and paintings), there’s my website: In the spotlight this month December:

December, 2018

December, acrylic paint and watercolour pencil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm, 2018

There’s a wider selection of paintings and digital constructs available to buy on Saatchi Art and I sell prints and greetings cards on Etsy.

Sketchbook (Gambon detail)

Sketchbook (Gambon detail)


Dear all, I have added a couple of street portraits for and of (left to right) Ruby and Christian to my Etsy shop. They are both C-Type photographic prints on archival paper, 29.7 x 42.0cm, (or 11.69 x 16.53 inches).

Prints are £40 + postage and you can purchase them here: 

Greetings Cards array

The Future Is Papier Mâché Press is proud to present a pack of five printed greetings cards. Each card features a digital construct by Richard Guest. Cards are left blank for your own message and come with plain white envelopes.

The five featured images are:


Each pack costs £10 + shipping and you can purchase them here: 

Mutie #1, 2015

Mutie #1, 2015 C Type Print

December’s Print of the Month is now available to buy here.

Mutie #1, is one of my earliest attempts to use improvised brushstrokes in a digital image. I began by painting in acrylic on paper, which was scanned into Photoshop and edited. The photographic elements come from street shots I took in London in 2015. I’ve chosen now to put the print on sale because I’m currently re-exploring this way of working.


Sketchbook 1st spreadAs a way of pushing myself to create images using different media, I am taking part in the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project. The eventual aim is to create a new preliminary drawing/ digital construct on which to base a new painting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of the conditions I set myself was to make the sketchbook entirely visual (my usual practice is to write loads of notes). So far there has been a fair amount of back and forth between work in the sketchbook and using Affinity to manipulate images on my laptop.

You can sign up to the project, receive a blank sketchbook, fill it up and submit it to the world’s largest collection of sketchbooks here:


Landscape in Three Parts, 2018– Landscape In Three Parts (Sketch), 2018 –

This was one possible solution to how do I paint a “landscape” using square canvases (80 x 80 cm)…it’s still on the back burner while I work through some other stuff…

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David Cook and I recently completed an online conversation about Jasper Johns and you can find all three parts at

CB (for John Dwyer), 2018

CB (for John Dwyer), 2018, acrylic paint and watercolour on canvas, 80 x 80 cm

This painting is dedicated to John Dwyer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, visual artist and record label owner. He’s most famous for being the founding member and main songwriter for Oh Sees (AKA Thee Oh Sees, OCS, etc). I first heard one of their songs, Web, last year on Marc Riley’s 6 Music show and have become a rabid fan ever since.

The band has had several line-ups and produced a diverse catalogue of music. The following is a favourite (from the album Help) by the group which comprised John Dwyer, Brigid Dawson, Petey Dammit! and Mike Shoun:

One from the current line-up of John Dwyer, Tim Hellman, Dan Rincon and Paul Quattrone:

And finally one from the last release (as OCS). This line-up was Patrick Mullins (the band’s first drummer), Dwyer, Brigid Dawson, Tim Hellman, Eric Clark, Mikal Cronin, Thomas Dolas, Emily Elkin, and Nick Murray:

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Ashley Lily Scarlett and I are engaged in a conversation in pictures called Between Scarlett and Guest. Check it out.

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