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Richard from CK Ponderings and I met up recently and discussed changing the way we work together. We decided to concentrate on one theme for all our forthcoming collaborations for the remainder of the year. Richard suggested the roads that we live on as our subject. Mine’s a mile long. How could I resist?

Richard Cooper-Knight:

IMG_6840On The Street Where You Live, 2013

Richard’s idea of a long term project really intrigued me, because it allowed different aspects of the same theme to be explored. When he mentioned it, I’d had the song On The Street Where You Live going around in my head for a few days (no, I have no idea either!), and it seemed to fit the theme perfectly. Richard fancied keeping the first post simple, so this is the entrance to my road. It’s a quiet suburban street, with around 90 houses in it, ranging from terraced 3-bed properties to detached 6-bed ones. There are families and retired couples, people are friendly but not in your face. It’s not in the hub of town, but has easy access to shops, and a couple of decent pubs selling real ales. The sea and the South Downs are both within walking distance and all in all, it’s a nice place to live.

Richard Guest:

SONY DSCOn The Street Where You Live, 2013

Having enjoyed the simple approach Richard and I took to the last couple of collaborations, I suggested we start this one with a single shot based on the theme with no other restrictions or complications. My road is a mile or so long. There’s no way I can capture it in a single shot, so I opted for focusing on a detail. I pass this wall pretty much every morning and evening and I associate its pattern and texture with the road as a whole.

Richard and I have just completed our thirty-first collaboration. If you would like to see the results, please go to Richard’s blog.

Here’s an edit of my image to whet your appetite…


SONY DSCRichard from  and I have just completed our twenty-ninth collaboration. If you would like to see the results, please visit Richard’s superb blog, CK Ponderings or click on the sneak preview above.

This is the twenty-eighth collaboration between Richard from CK Ponderings and I. It was my turn to set the theme and I wanted to build on the work we did for the previous collaboration. The initial photographs had to be taken in response to the phrase “rip it up” and emailed to the other Richard. The idea was then to work on the other’s photograph, but in a radical way  – using the original photograph as a beginning point/ building block for a new work and effect a total transformation.

Here are the original photographs:

Rip It Up, 2013 by Richard Cooper-Knight

Rip It Up, 2013 by Richard Guest

And here are the transformations:

Richard Cooper-Knight:

Guilty, 2013

I think I was out to impress this time around. I didn’t go as radical as I could have done last time around, so this time the gloves were off. Richard’s image proved an interesting one to work with, and his concept of ripping it up and starting again looked promising, although my limited experience of using Photoshop as a art tool meant I didn’t have the ability (or the time to experiment) as much as I wanted to.

The title comes from a word on the newspaper and, coincidentally, the fact that I have not long finished a period of jury service.

Richard Guest:

RCK RG Rip It UpThere are things in life one can’t quite express, 2013

Originally I had the idea of making 3D objects based on elements in Richard’s photograph and then re-photographing them. To find these elements, I isolated areas of colour in Photoshop, initially laying them out so that I could examine them. But the “sheet” soon became overcrowded and I found myself composing a picture and forgetting all about making objects.

The title of this collaboration is based on a song by the wonderful, and woefully under-appreciated Orange Juice. You can listen to Rip It Up here.

Richard and I have just completed our twenty-seventh collaboration. If you would like to see the results, please visit Richard’s superb blog, CK Ponderings or click on the image above.

This is the twenty-sixth collaboration between Richard from CK Ponderings and I. Hope you like the results…

Richard Cooper-Knight:

IMG_3206Absence, 2013

Absence, 2013

When Richard set the theme this time around, I immediately had four, five, six ideas to run with. Therein, sadly, lay one of my problems. What to go with. I started making plans, then work got in the way, and I left it really last minute to get out and take my shot (despite me still taking at least one photograph a day).

The ideas I had revolved around graveyards and commemorative benches, but wandering around the local town centre the other day for the first time in a couple of months, I was surprised by how many shops had closed and were left empty, particularly in a fairly affluent part of West Sussex. ‘To Let’ signs were everywhere, shops abandoned and empty. I took plenty of images, but most managed to include a subtle self-portrait thanks to the current sunny weather. Thankfully, tweaking this image a little removed that particular indignity for you, and this is the result.

As an aside, my ideal is still to run my own gallery, and empty shops offer that opportunity at the moment, so if anybody wants to give me £15,000 to fund a sabbatical for me, that would be much appreciated! 🙂

Richard Guest:

If You Go Away, 2013

If You Go Away

It was my turn to set the theme this time. And it’s fair to say it was born of very negative beginnings – I couldn’t think of anything, nothing, not a scrap of an idea. So, that became the idea.

A couple of days later, I took the shot above – I’ve photographed this building so many times – there’s something about that window – I’m sure the people who work in there are sick to death of me.

If You Go Away is the thirteenth track on Scott Walker’s 1969 album, Scott 3. It’s an adaptation of a 1959 song by Jacques Brel. The English lyrics are by Rod McKuen. It’s quite a complex piece of music, and Scott, of course, shines.

Here’s the evidence.

* * *

Hello, Deanne! How’s the sea monster?

I am honoured to have taken part in this project. Thanks Emily!


Emily’s photograph currently resides in Beckenham (a London suburb, or a town on the fringes of Kent depending on your point of view), on our dining table. The photograph is a delicate thing and handling it makes me worry protectively at its ephemeral nature and about its onward journey, but hey it made it from Canada to here (thanks, Karen!).

It’s been both fascinating and daunting to see artworks accumulate around the project’s central image. For my own contribution I wanted to make a work that could not exist without Emily’s photograph; I deliberately set out to make an adjunct to it.

My immediate question on receiving the package was what was going on on the train when Emily took her shot. So, I got on the train to find out.

Meanwhile (inside spread), 2013

Once I started photographing people in the carriage, I realised it was their hands that would tell my story…

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Richard and I have just completed our twenty-fifth collaboration. If you would like to see the results, please visit Richard’s superb blog, CK Ponderings.


Richard Cooper-Knight and I have been collaborating for a year. And to celebrate, Richard has collected all the images we’ve made for every collaboration together in one post. A mammoth task; thanks, Richard!

To view the collection, click here or on the image above.

* * *

I’m still technically on a break, but I couldn’t pass this by. See you in a week or so…

This is my 24th collaboration with Richard. We’ve been doing this for nearly a year! And what a blast it’s been! My idea was to celebrate our continuing collaboration by representing other, (slightly more famous) duos…

Richard Cooper-Knight:

Cannon, 2013

Ball, 2013

Richard set a nice challenge this time round, one we could both really get our teeth into. For me the biggest hardest part was narrowing it down to which duo I wanted to immortalise. Once I’d gotten past failed attempts to visualise Neil & Chris (Pet Shop Boys), Andy & Vince (Erasure) and Ant & Dec, my other half suggested another duo and it all fell into place.

Tommy Cannon & Bobby Ball – for anyone a) not from these shores and b) under the age of 35 – were an end-of-the-pier comedy duo in the 1970s/1980s. They were never of the same calibre as Morecambe & Wise, but sat nicely alongside the likes of Little & Large (oh, bugger, I should have gone for them!!) for cheeky entertainment. They are still around today, although Bobby is the more visible half of the duo, with onscreen acting roles in comedy shows such as Not Going Out.

I had a work meeting in London and, while in the city, wandered along to Cannon Street Station. (To be honest, having only seen it from the river before, I was a little disappointed by the new exterior, but it was raining and I had about 15 minutes before my meeting started.) The ball seemed fairly easy to go for, but I wanted to try something different and, with a darkened room and a torch, played around with some long-exposure shots.

If I am honest, I am not wholly convinced that the two images work well as a pairing, but they fit the titles, and thus Richard’s theme. Enjoy!

Richard Guest:

Holmes and Watson #1, 2013

Holmes and Watson #2, 2013

I went through a similar process. What I really wanted to do was portray Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic, but my aesthetic sensibility seems not to lend itself to the effervescent and upbeat! So much time was wasted (you wouldn’t believe how many photographs of baubles, fairy lights and rhythmic looking structures I have now). Then in a lurch toward the high-brow I decided to attempt Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. Ha, ha, ha! (I wasn’t laughing at the time).

On Friday I suddenly remembered famous crime fighting duos and, having dispensed with Cagney and Lacey (too soapy), Starskey and Hutch (too 70s) and Morse and Lewis (too dull), I settled on Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson as a kind of touchstone for what came after.