In The Heat Of The Morning (I), 2012

In The Heat Of The Morning (II), 2012

These were both taken outside Byron’s Hamburgers, Covent Garden, London, UK.

According to Nicholas Pegg’s quite brilliant guide, The Complete David Bowie, In The Heat Of The Morning “made its studio debut as part of Bowie’s first BBC radio session on 18 December 1967 in an embryonic form.” The version I’ve got is another BBC radio session from 13 May 1968. But still early stuff. I’ve been known to sing it around the house for hours on end, striking mod poses.

The images above also remind me of Sinatra for some reason, and the long hot happy afternoons in my parents’ bungalow in Ferndown when I was small. Back then he spent a lot of time on the record player did Frank. For years I couldn’t stand him, but I’ve warmed to him – is lush orchestration something one grows into?

Anyways, I hereby dedicate this post to my Mum and Dad!

* * *

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