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Self-portrait with office block, 2013

While I’ve been away, I’ve been experimenting with a 35mm lens. This is an early result. It’s strange using it after being so used to a 50mm. At first, there just seemed to be this irritating extra “bit” to every shot. My tendency in the past has been to see it, shoot it. But it is much more difficult to visualise a shot when using a wider angle lens…

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This post is dedicated to Ashley Lily Scarlett from Syncopated Eyeball, for kind words and encouragement. And because I love her blog.

I.Savoy Street, 2013


Famous guests of the Savoy Hotel, London: Claude Monet James Whistler Oscar Wilde Edward VII Sarah Bernhardt Enrico Caruso Lillie Langtry H. G. Wells George Bernard Shaw Nellie Melba Charlie Chaplin Al Jolson Errol Flynn Fred Astaire Marlene Dietrich Lionel Barrymore Harry Truman Audrey Hepburn Judy Garland Josephine Baker Cary Grant Babe Ruth Ivor Novello Noël Coward Bob Dylan Frank Sinatra Laurence Olivier Vivien Leigh Marilyn Monroe John Wayne Louis Armstrong Humphrey Bogart Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton Richard Harris Maria Callas Coco Chanel Christian Dior Sophia Loren Julie Andrews Lena Horne Marlon Brando Jane Fonda Barbra Streisand Jimi Hendrix The Beatles Elton John U2 Led Zeppelin The Who George Clooney Whoopi Goldberg


Savoy Hill, 2013


The Margins, 2013

Empty Space (II), 2012

Empty Space (III), 2012

Empty Space (IV), 2012

These were taken in Central London and Beckenham, UK.

Empty Space: A Haunting  is a novel by M. John Harrison. It was published in 2012. I’ve already posted about the anticipation of this book here.

I’ve finally started reading it. It’s slow going, not because of the book, which is engrossing and brilliant, but because of other stuff, mundane things, sticky situations. I’m on Chapter Eight, and gripped.

So far, the book is divided between three narrative strands – one set on Earth in the near-future, and two set in the city of Saudade, which is light years away. One of these strands is from the point of view of a not entirely above-board shipper and the other from an investigator of irregularities. I couldn’t possibly hope to summarise the book at this stage, so instead here’s the second paragraph from Chapter Three:

Whether you believed these claims or not, one thing was certain: Antoyne was no longer the loser you used to see beached-up in Saudade City, narratising his bad luck, drinking Black Heart Rum, reduced to making small points at the very edge of the game as errand boy for cheap crooks like Vic Serotonin or Pauli DeRaad. He owned his own ship. He had an eye for a transaction. He wasn’t even fat anymore.

The photographs are not representative of the text in any way except that they kind of felt right – maybe something of the atmosphere…anyway, there will be more (and a fuller review of the book when I’ve finished it).

In our house, this book can be found: bedroom in a pile of stuff on the chest of drawers.

M John Harrison has his own blog here.

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Thank as always,  John and Deanne and Terry for title shenanigans and Richard at CK Ponderings for being a super-cool collaborator.

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

These two were taken within three minutes of each other. The road was awash with reflected blue light from the tower block that dwarfed everything else around – it’s windows have a royal blue tint. The taint’s faintly visible in the first image, but it proved otherwise impossible to capture. I liked it – it was like an impromptu light installation – a street version of James Turrell.

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

Untitled photomontage, 2012

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

Untitled digitally-treated photograph, 2012

Jennifer Stephenson’s thoughts on Mary Gracie: Dowdy did not do her appearance justice – her clothes had passed through drab to the other side. They were glaringly negative, unhappy, ill-fitting, inelegant, ugly, rucked up, ruffled, laddered, unravelling, creased by failure and frustration, grey, washed out, scuffed, torn, discoloured and stretched. 

 Untitled digital photograph, 2011

Untitled photograph 1988, rephotographed, treated and montaged 2011

Underpass is the name of the third track on John Foxx’s 1980 album, Metamatic. You can read more about it here.