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Untitled digital photograph, 2012

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

The first picture was taken outside the London Transport Museum shop and the second at Dulwich Park, London, UK. I think they belong together.


Also: I have a very small book work in an exhibition, inside a wallet somewhere in Deptford Park, 25th May, 2012. If you want to come along, I guess you have to look out for a group of artists waving bottles of cheap hooch, passing a wallet around. Good luck.

Between 1988 and 1992, I made nineteen book works. The idea was to make sequential works you could experience in a similar way to listening to music, books that had rhythm, and repeated themes – books that you could dip into and out of without losing the sense of what the book was about. In the most part the content comprised  juxtaposed “found” images and text in increasingly complex arrangements. Round about book thirteen, I started introducing blank pages. Looking back I think this marked the beginning of the end for the project. The number of blank pages increased with each book until I found myself facing the possibility I would end up publishing a completely blank book. So I had a rethink.

Dogfood was book nineteen. It was hand-made from photocopies and cardboard, and published it in an edition of 25 in 1992.  The images were all originals and there was no text apart from the title and a copyright notice on the final page. The rhythm was deliberately stripped down: Dog, Food, Dog, Food, Dog etc.

Dogfood was my punk album.