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Street Portrait (for and of Steven) #1, 2013

Steven was on his way somewhere – he was in a hurry, and I stopped him, because I love his outfit – what an ensemble! So here he is in colour and below in B&W, because the street was full of clashy colour. Thanks very much for stopping, Steven! Hope you like your picture.

Street Portrait (for and of Steven) #2, 2013

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Happy Birthday, David Bowie!

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No More Shall We Part (I), 2012

No More Shall We Part (II), 2012

No More Shall We Part (III), 2012

No More Shall We Part  is an album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It was released in 2001.

This was the Bad Seeds’ eleventh album together and was recorded after a four-year hiatus (due to Nick recovering from this, that and the other thing), and showcases the band’s  instrumental prowess. The lyrics deal with Cave’s usual preoccupations (death, religion, relationship breakdowns, death) and, despite the dark humour, are startlingly emotive in places. If I had a ratings system for these things, I would give this album four dead flowers out of five.

Here’s And No More Shall We Part.

In our house this CD can be found: dining room, right-hand bookshelves, third shelf down.

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Thanks John and Deanne and Terry and to Richard at CK Ponderings. You know why.